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The [re]Creation of Adam ~ Skip Staheli

Don and Skip~The  [re]creation of Adam


When Don asked me to do a blog post with him.. I misunderstood him… I thought he asked me to model with me for a pose he had or so… so.. said yes.. why not!

When the day of the shoot was there…  I asked him for the pose..   lol.. he explained, what the idea was..  seemed I had to come up with the whole idea etc.. well, thanks Don  :P
hey.. no problem.. dont want to be a party pooper..  So I asked him for an extra hour to arrange something…
Then the idea popped up, to re-create the famous fresco painting of MichelAngelo, The creation of Adam…   Soon I found the pose on MP, pretty cool one by Su Voir… and my “God” outfit I found in the store of my friend Enzo Champagne (Sparkling Couture)  its the outfit Pegasus…
All I gave Don.. was a leaf  ;)
So.. here it is the [re]Creation of Adam…  I loved making this one…  tried to keep it “old” looking with the tones and textures..
Thank you Don for asking me, has been a pleasure :)

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