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I Love You Without Knowing How ~ Leda Carter

What has occasionally occupied my mind is love and its ingredients: What does love mean? When do you decide you love someone? Is there really a difference between falling in love, being in love, and loving? Where does love come from? Let me quickly point out that this post is not meant to answer all or any of those questions. Not only because it would take more than a brief blog to answer these complex questions, but also because if I actually knew the answers to all these questions, I would be enjoying a comfortable retirement, most likely in Corsica.

What stands out most to me about having a lover is that you see a fluffy cloud against the pale blue of the sky and you think of them, that you know you are susceptible to pain by allowing them to explore all corners of your being and yet you are willing to set them free in your soul. I know conventionally we think of our heart as the place our lover resides, but the truth is that it is our brains that are engaged. We not just let them traverse all crevices of our brain, but we welcome it. In doing so, we allow them to see the light and the purity within us. At the same time, we explore the dark corners of our being with them.  This is what these pictures exemplify for me – the vulnerability of both the light and the darkness within.

And of course, as it is my habit, songs and poems bloom in my head during a shoot.  If you have been following me, I am going through a Neruda phase.


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