About this blog

I decided to make this blog because I wanted to show the work of talented SL photographers in a context that had little to do with the latest SL fashion trend. I also wanted to have an excuse to pose with these same photographers who I have been following in Flickr for quite some time and I always loved their work.

All that said, this is a blog about stories that will be depicted in one photograph and maybe a quote, a song or a few words. It is about that briefest of moments when two individuals share something that, sometimes, can not be put into words alone.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the posts and that some of you feel very envious of the
company I have :)

PS. For all the gentlemen out there in a relationship with the skilled and beautiful ladies I take my pictures with; rest assured, it is not my intention to take the lady from your hands. If you are afraid of such outcome, you may want to revisit how your relationship is going.